Short Term Card Machine/Terminal Hire

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Credit Card Machine Rental & Hire

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If you need a facility to enable you to take credit and debit card payments on the go, then why not consider hiring a card machine from Wireless Terminal Solutions on a short term hire basis.

Our unrivaled short term rental solution presents companies with the option of allowing your customers to pay with all major credit and debit cards without your business having to sign up to a long term contract. Whether you need the card machine for one day or six months, we have a cost effective solution ready and waiting for you.  Our card machines offer a great alternative for customers looking to take payments to cover peak trading periods.

As a contractor to a number of the leading consumer events in the UK, we understand that people need to be flexible in offering customers a solution to pay for goods. Our contactless card machines are used at all the UK’s leading exhibition venues, and you can rent them from as little as one day.

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Our short term rentals team, are committed to providing the best quality service to your company ahead of your short term rental agreement. Choosing a short term card machine rental, enables your company to process card payments securely and most importantly safely when and wherever you are trading.

We aim to make the hiring process as flexible and easy for our customers, and all orders come with free technical support outside our standard office hours. Our experienced technicians will provide all the necessary support you need for the duration of your card machine rental. If you’re hiring a card machine for an event or exhibition you can relax knowing your card machine will be delivered a few days before the start date using our reliable deployment system.

We strive to support our customers as much as possible and offer UK-based evening and weekend technical support. Our credit card terminals are light, compact, easy to use and all orders come with a free tutorial and ongoing support.

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Do you need a last minute card machine?

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Put simply…..don’t worry. If you have a UK-based merchant account that allows face to face card payments, we can get you up and running with a card machine in a matter of days, in some cases we’ve even had customers set up with their card machine the same working day. We have plenty of cost effective rental options available and will always look to work with a customer on a late booking. If your requirements have changed, or you’ve been let down elsewhere, call us now and learn how Wireless Terminal Solutions can support you with a card machine rental.

It’s not just start-ups embracing short term hire of card machines – many web based companies use short term rental as a way to test the market at exhibitions, or to hold special promotional events that result in a drive in sales.

Our Customer Feedback Stories

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Once you’ve spoken with our friendly team, we will provide you with a clear, concise quote, detailing all relevant costs for the card machine rental. There are no hidden extras and our card payment terminals are accredited with every UK merchant bank. We pride ourselves on our quick turnaround and link the handheld machine to your existing merchant account, allowing you to stay open for business, even though you’re away from your trading address.

Wireless Terminal Solutions have become one of the UK’s market leaders in delivering payment solutions for businesses requiring short term card machine rental. Our friendly team excel in implementing and delivering payment solutions whatever environment you are trading from. All of our short term card machine rentals come equipped with contactless technology to help eliminate queues during peak trading periods. The short term card machine will enable your business to maximise every sales opportunity. The card machines are also perfect to run alongside an ePOS system making sure your business is sufficiently equipped to its full capacity during the short term rental.

If you are unsure about what sort of card machine will be best suited to your needs, then speak to a representative on 0345 459 9984 where our friendly and approachable customer support team will assist you with the orders and any issues or email

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Case Study

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Living Heritage Game & Country Shows have been using Wireless Terminal Solutions since 2009 when the company made the switch across from their old supplier, Thyron. Living Heritage continually deliver the best in Game & Country Shows across the UK and have done for over 20 years.

The organisers to the country shows were introduced to Wireless Terminal Solutions back in 2009 and required a temporary card machine to accept debit and credit card payments. The card machine was deemed such a success, the company have used Wireless Terminal Solutions ever since, and have found the short term rental on card machines delivers a great cost effective solution rather than having to commit to an ongoing fixed arrangement.

As the years have evolved, and the payment industry has taken shape with the introduction of contactless technology, this has helped the shows during peak trading periods. Marge Needham who assists with the operations at each Game & Country show describes Wireless Terminal Solutions’ short term card machines as “perfect” for their event season, whilst “the team have delivered a personal service from start to finish.” Marge comments on technical support she has received:

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The mobile coverage at some of the show grounds can only be described as temperamental. With our old card machine from Thyron, we struggled to get any sort of connection, and we knew something had to change. We were introduced to Wireless Terminal Solutions and started using their short term rental service. Not only did we find the card machine we were given was superior, but they also delivered a better service. It is imperative for Living Heritage to accept card payments regardless of any connectivity issues that we may face. I’ve predominately dealt with Mark and Lee and they have remedied any connectivity issues quickly and efficiently.  The roaming SIM gives me a choice of various mobile networks, and gives me and my colleagues peace of mind. The introduction of the contactless card machine back in 2015 was great, and is now widely used by our visitors. If you are contemplating a short term rental on a card machine I would be happy to recommend WTS.

Are you an event organiser or exhibitor that accepts debit and credit card payments and you simply aren’t satisfied with the service or quality of card machine you’ve been receiving from your current provider? Wireless Terminal Solutions offers everything you need for a cashless business and offers a huge variety of contactless card machines. Contact us today for a FREE no obligation quote.

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FAQs About Short Term Credit Card Rental

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For what reasons might you need to hire a card machine?
There are many reasons why a company will choose to rent a card machine on a short term hire; perhaps you are a new business, and want to test out a product in an exhibition setting and need a short term rental so you don’t want the added burden of committing to any long term agreements. Choosing a short term rental and offering customers the option to pay using a debit or credit card, will allow you to gauge how your product(s) are being received before deciding on a longer term strategy.

Perhaps you are a start up, and you want to deliver flexible ways for their customers to pay for items. More and more people are looking to pay for goods and services on debit and credit cards and this figure will continue to rise. The introduction of contactless technology has also greatly benefited both customers and merchants in the way they are able to pay and receive payments.

Do you require credit card machine rental to support your business at peak trading periods?
Does your business already have an existing card machine, but you need an additional payment outlet to cover peak trading periods? A short term rental from Wireless Terminal Solutions delivers flexibility and you aren’t committing to any long term agreements. When you receive a quote from us, you will only be paying for the time you actively use the card machine and we always factor in the event setting meaning you will receive the card machine a couple of days ahead of schedule.  Our knowledge and wealth of expertise has seen our short term solution widely used at many hundreds of UK events, and we are now regarded as the UK’s leading provider for short term rentals.

With one of the quickest turnarounds in the industry, we can have you set up with a card machine in 24-48 hours, so if you are need a last minute card machine give the team a call today. This is dependent on your business having a merchant account and being able to accept card payments.

Whatever you prefer to call it, a PDQ machine, card terminal, charge card terminal or Chip & PIN machine can be a considerable investment for your business and that’s why we implemented the short term solution back in 2009. Our short term rental offers a great alternative, and allows customers to process card payments without having to commit to long term contracts. Rent a card machine or EPOS system from us, either on a long-term contract or a short-term hire, and you can have the latest payment at cost effective price. Each rental comes with its own designated account manage. All of our short term rental agreements include technical support, swap out facility (excluding weekends and bank holidays) and emergency out-of-hours telephone support for the term of the contract.

What is our approach to short term card machine rental for your business?
We’ve sat and meticulously studied the industry, before implementing and delivering a complete payment solution. We make renting a card machine incredibly easy. With a team that has extensive knowledge of the payments industry, we know that every short term rental is different from the next, and that’s why we always listen to the requirements of the customer.  Short term hire is the heartbeat of our business, and it’s what we excel at. Unlike other companies in the industry, we are a terminal specialist and we are accredited to work with every acquiring bank, so if you have a merchant account, we can have you up and running in a matter of days.
What support will I receive when i have my card machine?
Wireless Terminal Solutions are contracted to some of the UK’s leading events and festivals and many of our customers trade outside our usual working hours.

We have our own dedicated technical department to support customers. Our technical team has been recognised and praised for the ability troubleshoot and eliminate issues quickly and promptly, and in 2016 the team were able to resolve 94% of issues in under 4 minutes.

To discuss renting a card machine on a short term basis, please contact the team on the usual numbers – 0345 459 9984 or email Have you considered an ePOS system to run alongside your card machine rental? Wireless Terminal Solutions also specialise in ePOS rental, cash registers and terminal accessories, so use WTS as your one stop shop.

What are the benefits of hiring a card terminal?
You only pay for a card machine for the period you use it and require it. There are no hidden extras, or long term contracts. One simple form and you get to choose the card machine you require allowing flexibility for your customers who wish to pay for their goods and services.
What is a short term card terminal rental?
A short term card machine rental is a service that is delivered by a terminal supplier, where an individual or business is able to rent a card machine based in accordance to their requirements. Short term card terminal rental can start from as little as one day.
What card machines can be used for short term hire?
The individual or business hiring the card terminal has the option of all major debit and credit card terminals including countertop, mobile, Wi-Fi and portable. Prices may vary from the type of terminal the customer requires, to the length of agreement.
Does a short term hire impact my existing card machines?
No. You can add as many TID (terminal identifications) as you wish to an existing merchant account. On your monthly merchant statement is should just appear as PDQ1, PDQ2 etc. We always recommend retaining your end of day banking reports just in case you need to cross reference any payments later on.
Can card terminals be used internationally on short term rental?
Yes, all card terminals supplied by us can be used internationally. This includes portable, mobile, Wi-Fi and countertop. Certain restrictions may apply in some countries but we can support you with this.
How does the rental of card machines work for a short term hire?
It’s a very straight forward process. Once you are happy with the price quoted based on your requirement, the customer will be required to complete one short form stating their merchant account details and then we’ll get the rest processed for you in accordance to the completion forms.
I keep seeing STH mentioned, what does this stand for?
STH is an abbreviation for short term hire. Short term hire is available on card machines and ePOS systems.
Will I be PCI DSS compliant with a short term terminal rental?
All card terminals deployed to a customer or business are PCI DSS compliant. All card terminals are accredited to work with every acquiring bank and we deliver the Ingenico iWL series.
What is the best card machine to use within an exhibition venue?
The best card machine to use within an exhibition setting is very dependent on the location. The most popular handset is the mobile card terminal, but it is very dependent on location and your connection availability. In the first instance contact us for FREE impartial advice.
What card machine is recommended for an outside event?
The best card machine to use within an outdoor event is dependent on the availability. Some event organisers contract their own IT team who deliver onsite Wi-Fi or IP connection. In the first instance speak to the organiser to check availability and then contact us for FREE impartial advice.
What system can I use if I do not have a merchant account?
It is a legal requirement that any company that accepts debit and credit card payments requires a merchant account. A merchant account acts as a payment gateway. If you need this set up please contact us for a quick set up.
Can a temporary merchant account be used for short term hire of a card machine?
We can set up a temporary merchant account for any event or exhibition you may be attending. Best of all, the accounts are FREE to cancel at the end of the card machine rental so you won’t incur any ongoing charges
How quickly does it take to set up a card machine?
If your business already accepts card payments we can have you set up in a matter of days. If your business doesn’t accept cards you will need a merchant account and this typically takes 2-3 days to set up.
Why Choose Wireless Terminal Solutions for Short Term Credit Card Machine Hire?
Short term card machine rental popularity is growing, and the team at Wireless Terminal Solutions are experts in the hire of card machines on a short term basis. Our expansive range of Ingenico card machines are suitable for exhibitions, festivals, pop up events, flash sales, seasonal events, and charity galas amongst other settings. Whatever the environment you are trading from, we have a card machine suitable for your hire and our rental agreements start from as little as one day. We also offer discounts for customers looking for multiple card machines.

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FAQs About Credit Card Re Machine rental

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Is credit card machine rental expensive?
It is dependent on what company the customer chooses and whether they opt for a long term or short term credit card machine rental. Always ensure you choose a reputable supplier for your credit card machine rental. A rule of thumb for short term credit card machine rental is £60 for 3 days and for long term about £18 for 36 months.
What is involved in a credit card machine rental?
It is an extremely simple straightforward process. In most cases the company is quoted based on their requirements, the type of credit card machine rental they require i.e. long term or short term. A form is normally sent to the customer to complete and then the terminal is typically deployed 2-3 days later.
What are the benefits of credit card machine rental?
There are plenty of benefits for opting with a credit card machine rental. Some of these include:

  • They are perfect for businesses where customers don’t always have cash on them
  • Eliminate queuing during peak trading periods
  • reliable and efficient to operate
  • latest in payment technology
  • accept all major debit and credit cards
How does credit card machine rental work?
Most suppliers make credit card machine rental extremely simple. If the company has an existing MID (merchant identification) all that is involved is linking the handset to the MID. Before committing to credit card machine rental it is important for a business to understand what type of card machine the business will need. Most suppliers should be trained to offer the necessary information to help support a business in making this decision.

Once the business has made an enquiry, they will receive a quote and then in most cases it should take 3-4 working days to receive their new handset.

Is credit card machine rental for me?
If your business already accepts card payments then credit card machine rental may be ideal if you need support ahead of a peak trading period then credit card machine rental can be the ideal addition.
What are the cons of not having a credit card machine rental?
If you are a business that doesn’t currently accept cards you are potentially missing out on sales. In such a saturated competitive industry it is important to utilise every given sales opportunity.
How do you get a good deal on credit card machine rental?
It is important to not be hasty and sign up with the first credit card machine rental company you speak with. Ring around, gauge what options are available to you, maybe do some research and learn about recent reviews to give you an insight of customers’ experiences first hand.
How do you get credit card machine rental support?
If your business operates during evenings and weekends will the credit card machine company you opt to go with provide UK based technical support? Small factors can have a huge bearing and choosing the wrong credit card machine rental company can have a detrimental impact on you and your business.
Where do you get a credit card machine rental?
You have a couple of options. You could see what companies are close to your business location. You could potentially ask for recommendations on forums or do a quick search on Google and speak with a couple of credit card machine rental companies to see what best fits the needs of your business.
Where can you see credit card machine rental reviews?
We all know how important reviews are in today’s society, and a simple search of “credit card machine rental” can help in making your decision. Having positive credit card machine rental reviews can result in increased sales for a bank, partner or independent supplier of card machines. Equally negative credit card machine rental reviews can have an adverse impact as it can highlight weaknesses that the company may be struggling from.
Where can you rent a credit card machine for one day?
Credit card machine rental is extremely popular and short term rental is now often the preferred option for many companies as it supports them if they are trading away from their usual business address. Not all companies offer credit card machine rental on short term hire, so it is important to find a reliable reputable supplier that can deliver reliable equipment which meets the needs of your business.
Where can you rent a credit card machine rental for Wi-Fi?
Credit card machine rental for Wi-Fi handsets has become increasingly popular in the last couple of years, and are widely used on a short term basis for outdoor events and festivals where a dedicated IT infrastructure has been put in place. Credit card machine rental for Wi-Fi handsets are also popular for businesses trading at events and exhibitions.
Where can you rent a mobile credit card machine?
Mobile terminals are an extremely popular choice for businesses who are attending, events and exhibitions. Credit card machine rental starts from as little as one day and mobile terminals are deemed the handset of choice for this environment as you don’t require a dedicated phone line or internet connection and the mobile solution is extremely easy to use with the emphasis designed on simplicity.
What to do if your Credit card machine rental is not working?
If your credit card machine rental is not working you will need to contact your credit card machine rental provider and get their technical team to resolve the issue. It is worth noting not all credit card machine rental companies offer in-house support so the issue may be referred to third line support which can invariably be the manufacturers support desk.

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